Wholesome goodness, nothing artificial
Wholesome goodness, nothing artificial

I’m Toni and I’ve been making jams, jellies and other handcrafts since the early 1990s. Why? To see if I could, of course. Reading the Little House on the Prairie books to my children piqued an interest in trying my hand at jelly. It was so successful that I have not bought jelly for the family in more than 20 years. Friends who tasted it urged me to offer the jams and jellies for sale at craft shows, so I did. Trying new recipes and tweaking old ones resulted in unique products filled with yummy stuff and wholesome fruits and veggies.

Whenever possible I use fresh ingredients grown locally. We have the most fun buying fresh fruit in season, or picking it ourselves when possible, and freezing it for future jam. (My deep freeze is loaded with berries and peaches.)

Unique jam recipes are made in small batches to ensure the best quality, using clean techniques learned in my health care training. No artificial stuff, no preservatives, just simple, quality ingredients. I only make jam that tastes good.

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Wholesome goodness, nothing artificial